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Sponsored Video: TomTom Navigation Now Available on Your Android Device - TheTechN

Sponsored Video: TomTom Navigation Now Available on Your Android Device

In today’s world of technology and new places being more accessible than ever before, a portable sat-nav is a necessity many of us will have. For others though, their large size makes them impractical. So what about a sat-nav app on your smartphone, something you always have on you?

TomTom has launched its ‘TomTom does the Robot’ campaign to announce the arrival of it’s new navigation app for Android! In the short video, real TomTom employees in Amsterdam do the Robot-Dance, celebrating the fact that the great app is now available! This app has been available for iOS users for quite some time now, so it’s great that now Android users have a chance to try out the app too.

Why would you want to use TomTom when you already have Google Maps on your Android phone though? Well, the biggest reason is that you don’t need a mobile signal and internet to use it! This means you can plan your route on the road instead of doing it before you leave and making it available offline, so no matter the situation you will always have navigation close at hand as well as saving on data costs! The app also comes with voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, so reading instructions on your screen won’t be a problem. TomTom has provided alerts for fixed speed cameras and helps route you around traffic jams too, so you’ll always be able to avoid any pesky congestion on the road! Did I mention you’ll even receive free map updates for life?

Finding new places has never been easier! Right now the application is available on the Google Play Store, so visit their site for even more info.

[This post has been sponsored by TomTom]

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