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37% of PC Users Now Surfing Internet on Tablets and Phones | TheTechN

37% of PC Users Now Surfing Internet on Tablets and Phones

Are you now using your PC less? According to a recent report from the NPD Group research firm, us computer owners are now spending more and more time using our mobile phones and tablets for tasks that could have otherwise been done on a computer.

37 percent of respondents to the survey said that they are transitioning multiple different tasks to their tablets and smartphones, with Internet browsing and time spent on Facebook leading the way.

NPD Internet Usage study - 02/2013

Of the tablet users, 27 percent admitted that they are using their PCs less frequently to access the Internet, and 20 percent are spending the majority of their Facebook time on the site by accessing it on their slates. Among smartphone owners, the number using their PCs for those two activities stands at 27 percent each. The third place activity on tablets was a tie between playing games and reading, while third place on smartphones was uploading photos.

The PC isn’t doomed just yet though. John Buffone, director of devices, Connected Intelligence said: “Despite these shifts in behavior, computers will remain the fundamental content creation device in consumer’s tool box for many years to come,” said John Buffone, director of devices, Connected Intelligence.  “Consumers, however, are switching their entertainment-centric behaviors to tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs at warp speed.  During 2013 this trend will be further perpetuated as more mobile devices become enabled with screen sharing technologies such as AllShare and Miracast that allow users to bridge their mobile devices to their TV screens.”

Personally, these statistics don’t really surprise me. With our mobile devices being so…mobile, accessing the internet or Facebook on the go is easier than ever before. Although I still surf the internet and use Facebook at home, having a phone in my pocket means that I can simply take it out and use it pretty much wherever I am, saving the hassle of having to get to a PC. What does everyone else think on this? Do you use your smartphone or tablet for surfing more often than not? Let me now in the comments box below.

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