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Microsoft Windows 8 to Launch on October 26

July 18, 2012 |


Although we all knew it would be “soon”, we didn’t really have any idea as to when to expect Microsoft’s new OS. Well,  just a few minutes ago, Steven Sinofsky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that customers will be able to get Windows 8 – whether in upgrade fashion or on a new PC – starting on October 26th – right on a par with what Microsoft promised! Read More

Microsoft Announces Surface Tablet

June 19, 2012 |


Last Friday we saw Microsoft send out press invitations for a mystery event last night. Well, now we know why Microsoft decided for a last-minute press conference — to unveil their new tablet “Surface”.

The new tablet, which definitely resembles a netbook, will feature a 10.6-inch screen, full USB 2.0 support, dual Wi-Fi antennas, HDMI, a completely hidden built-in stand, a scratch resistant backing, Gorilla Glass 2.0 and a widescreen view that provides Read More

Microsoft Invests $300 Million With Barnes & Noble

April 30, 2012 |

Microsoft announced this morning that it has invested $300 million in a new company with Barnes & Noble that will be temporarily called “Newco”. .

The new company involves Barnes & Noble’s Nook division and the … Read More

Microsoft reveals Windows 8's new logo: "It's a window…not a flag"

February 18, 2012 |
Microsoft is making plenty of big changes with its Windows 8 operating system, and that has now also extended to a new logo.

As explained by Microsoft’s Sam Moreau in a post on the official Windows blog, the logo was created with the help of the design agency Pentagram, which posed a simple question when it began on the project: “your name is Windows”.

Why are you a flag?” That discussion eventually led to the four-paned window you see above, which not only looks more like a window than the previous

Read More

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