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Sponsored Video: James Franco the Photographer

December 24, 2012 |

Samsung’s latest commercial is here, featuring James Franco, the ultimate multitasker, – actor, director, writer, artist and now photographer.

In the video, James takes us on a guide through the various hazardous pitfalls that threaten the unwavering eye of the budding photographer each day Read More

Sponsored Video: TomTom Navigation Now Available on Your Android Device

December 14, 2012 |

In today’s world of technology and new places being more accessible than ever before, a portable sat-nav is a necessity many of us will have. For others though, their large size makes them impractical. Read More

Sponsored Video: Airbus Unveils Smarter Skies Vision

September 17, 2012 |

One of the world’s most renowned aircraft manufacturing companies, Airbus, recently launched an astounding 4D projection light show at the Humboldt Box in Berlin, as part of its Future by Airbus Smarter Skies campaign. 

Read More

Sponsored Video: Samsung Memory Giving Your Devices That Extra Edge

June 27, 2012 |


As much as we all hate him, Battery Brutus somehow always ends up making an unpleasant appearance in our lives. Whether it be whilst on the train home from work while trying to watch a YouTube clip, or during an important call from your boss, he’ll always show up and take one thing in particular — your battery life.

In that split second when the screen dims and goes black, you remember that the charger is on your kitchen table at home, or that your second battery is in the car. But it’s already too late. The battery is dead. Read More

Sponsored Video: Fact Checkers Unit, Samsung’s Latest Comedy

May 31, 2012 |


Samsung have just launched yet another hilarious episode to their comedy series “Fact Checkers Unit“. The latest episode which features many celebrity faces, such as James Franco, Seymour Cassel and more, is entitled “James Franco is Preggers.”

In the episode, two overly-enthusiastic men known as “the Fast Checkers”, are on the hunt for absurd celebrity facts, are given a picture in which James Franco is seen to be pregnant. After investigating further, the duo find that Franco is in fact a shape-shifting-super-human who can transform himself into Read More

Sponsored Video: Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect App Now Available on iOS

May 8, 2012 |

For all you Star Wars™-fanatics out there, the new Kinect™ Star Wars™ app is now available, free, for download on smartphones! The app, designed by Microsoft, takes your Facebook and Twitter accounts, handily syncs them together; and allows you … Read More

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